Modprobe not permitted for custom package on UEFI with secure boot


I’m trying to install a custom drbd package on a SLES12 SP5 (drbd packages have been built on same SLES12SP5 kernel).
Everything works if server is on mode Legacy or UEFI without secure boot but, as soon as secure boot is activated, packages are installed but the “modprobe drbd” failed with the error “Operation not permitted”.

I saw an “old” workaround (linux kernel - modprobe fails with "Operation not permitted" - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange) but it’s no more possible : /proc/sysrq-trigger remains in read-only mode (even with root).

How can I activate this custom drbd ? (I see 2 options : deactivate the secure boot :frowning: or maybe sign the package ? ).
Any other way to do it ?


P.S: Packages are built using rpmbuild