Monitoring (102.0.0+up40.1.2) - Failed to Install VIA UI

Version: v2.7.2-rc1

Straight up install attempt of monitoring failed. I think it was something to do with CRD. No pods installed - Helm failed. However there are partial resources installed like rancher-monitor-crd. Unistall is also failing.

helm uninstall --namespace=cattle-monitoring-system rancher-monitoring-crd
Starting delete for "rancher-monitoring-crd-delete" Job
jobs.batch "rancher-monitoring-crd-delete" not found
creating 1 resource(s)
Watching for changes to Job rancher-monitoring-crd-delete with timeout of 5m0s
Add/Modify event for rancher-monitoring-crd-delete: ADDED
rancher-monitoring-crd-delete: Jobs active: 0, jobs failed: 0, jobs succeeded: 0
Add/Modify event for rancher-monitoring-crd-delete: MODIFIED
rancher-monitoring-crd-delete: Jobs active: 1, jobs failed: 0, jobs succeeded: 0
Starting delete for "rancher-monitoring-crd-delete" Job
Error: timed out waiting for the condition

This is all I get.

What I am looking for at this point is help to remove the resources manuall and any record of the helm install.