Moving docker containers across multiple clouds

Can rancher be used alongwith mesosphere/docker swarm to move docker container running on 1 cloud (eg. AWS) to another cloud (eg.GCE) ?

You can use it to deploy containers across hosts in multiple clouds and have contaniers in all locations able to communicate with each other using the managed network; but there is no mechanism to physically move a single container from one host to another.

Hi Vincent,
Is this container movement across clouds something that is planned to be included in the future releases ?
Like in case of disaster recovery, this could be very useful.

If there’s a disaster then it’s too late to move things. The typical architecture would be to have redundancy running all the time so that you could survive a failure of any one (or more) zone/provider and be able to spin up additional capacity or zones to replace lost one(s).

The main user case for one-off moving of containers is preemptively migrating off of hosts to perform maintenance. But if you can survive a real failure them this unnecessary too (though maybe faster or more convenient).