named.conf question

If I modify the named.conf file, will it get overwritten when named is updated by regular updates and patches ?

We are moving our compiled based named files (named.conf) onto the system installed named on SUSE 12sp3 and need to add entries to the options section.

I first tried to just use our existing named.conf by adding it to /etc/named.d then adding the entry in /etc/sysconfig/named to include our file, but it didn’t like the 2nd reference of the options block.


Probably not; configuration files are marked as such in RPMs, and then,
depending on the package, they are either left alone, or they are renamed
when a new file is put in place, so you can easily revert the change. To
verify this, use the following command and verify the ‘c’ is present next
to the file name to indicate it is recognized as a configuration file:

rpm -qfVv /etc/named.conf | grep named.conf

The output should look something like this:

5S.T.....  c /etc/named.conf

Good luck.

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