Node affinity for Ingress

Is there a way to tell the Ingress controller to launch the Load Balancers with a specific node affinity?

I’d like to scale the Ingress to two, and add those two nodes to an Azure Load Balancer.

Not just for Ingress. When I simply create my service definition with “type: LoadBalancer” Rancher launches a LoadBalancer container right on my etcd node :slight_smile:

Okay, perhaps scheduling the LB on all hosts is the answer for my question:

I was coming with the premise that there is a dedicated LB for all services. Like the Router in Openshift on the “infra” nodes. It’s not quite the case, since Rancher launches an LB per Ingress definition. Seems having a global Ingress and one Ingress config is the way to go.

lol, literally one paragraph bellow:

Nice. Nothing to see here :slight_smile: