Open suse as storage server with win xp client

Dear sir,

In my lab I have 10 computers with one open suse.I use net use command in batch file for maping drive to store their data.I have to use two user i.e to login xp one common user & in batchfile command window another userid of suse to map drive.thus user have to give two username.

Is there any other user friendly way that user login with there id in winxp & get there storage drive.

If you’re using openSUSE you want the openSUSE forums which are at (This forum is for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server). If you post in the openSUSE forums I expect someone will be able to help you. It will help people to help you if you say which version of openSUSE you are using. Since you say you’re using Windows XP I’ll also advise that you check at to see if the version of openSUSE you’re using is currently supported. If it’s not then asking for help with it in the openSUSE forums will result in people advising you to update to a currently supported version.

Hopefully you’re aware that Microsoft will cease to support Windows XP in April this year.