Password Management on Multiple SLES servers

Hi Folks,

We have around 12 SLES servers and if a user forgets their password our IT security must log in to every Linux box to perform a password reset on each of the servers manually.

What’s the recommended method for administering accounts across multiple servers or propagating user accounts (including passwords) throughout multiple SLES servers in this case?


You could either setup SLES to authenticate against a directory (like
eDirectory, or OpenLDAP) or you could use the Novell/NetIQ Identity
Manager driver for Linux to push out passwords so that they are always
kept synchronized with a directory. Most customers I have helped do the
latter. IDM is made to help synchronize identities (including passwords)
across a wide variety of products, Novell and other, and some of the large
customers fan out users/passwords to tens of thousands of machines with a
single fan-out config.

Good luck.