Pathces for SUSE machines in isolated network

Hello everyone,

We have several SUSE machines (SLES 15.1 - 15.3) installed in an isolated network which has no access to the internet and cannot even connect to a server which is connected to the internet.

We are looking for a patch update solution for these machines, something similar to a WSUS solution for Windows Servers.

We understand that SUSE Manager Server has to be installed in the isolated network for the machines to connect and update.

Do we also have to install SUSE Manager in a network connected to the internet or will SUSE Proxy Server will be enough?

Is there another architecture which can give us solution for the internal machines update?



@orenh do you have physical access to the machines? Could look at creating a patch USB to use via a machine running RMT.


I have physical access to the machines in the isolated network, but this can only be done from within the isolated network (from a workstation which is a member of that network).

The machines themselves cannot access any server which is connected to the internet as they are in a different network which has no physical connection to the internet (this is not an isolated segment in a network that has access to the internet but a completely different network without any physical connection going out or in).

Can I download the patches with RMT and then copy them to a transportable media which I will connect manually to the isolated network? If so, what is the difference between this and updating the machines with a SUSE Manager\SUSE Manager Proxy Server?

@orenh yes, the RMT outside your air-gapped setup, SUMA on the air-gapped environment;

Thank you. That seems to be the Soultion for us.

Very much appreciated.

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