Pointopoint connection in k3os

Hi I need to configure a VM (kvm, setup using virt-manager) with something like:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
	address 123.456.789.100
	gateway 456.789.123.200
	pointopoint 456.789.123.200

But I cannot get this pointopoint thing working with connmanctl.
I do have ipv6 working, but this is absolutely necessary for ipv4 to work.

Are there any ressources on this I just couldn’t find?
Is k3os based on any distribution where I could ask the community for help?


I did it like this:

sudo connmanctl services
sudo connmanctl services ethernet_000c29eeaf0e_cable
sudo connmanctl config ethernet_000c29eeaf0e_cable --ipv4 manual --nameservers

sudo service connman restart

Hey ron.blom

this is exactly what is not working at my pc
I need to set it up with a bit mask of
the gateway is not in the same subnet, so I need to make a pointopoint connection to get anything working at all

easy with debian/ubuntu but so far not working with connman :frowning: