Private catalog shows up as system stack?

I recently added a private catalog to Rancher server which was easy and straight forward enough. When I spin up a stack with the private stack, it shows up as a “system stack” in the Rancher interface. Is there a way to make the private tack show up with others? I can’t find much documentation about system stacks and am not quite sure what is happening.

Here’s a sample of what I’m describing.

There’s no real difference, it’s just a grouping; in 1.1.0-dev2 you can add stacks to either (but not move between the two, unless you go to the API) and the is also an “All” to see them combined.

I’m guessing you copied one of the templates with category: Rancher Services, as that is currently what determines which group a catalog template goes into when launched… There’s an enhancement issuer to make it a separate property in the config.yml, but not implemented yet.

Makes sense, thanks for helping clear that up. You’re right, one of the services has the category set to “Rancher Services”.

Did the enhancement issuer is available to group custom stacks into system and user managed stacks and I would also like to know that only particular user can see my System stacks, like in scenario where I can add all ELK stacks and Storage stacks as System stacks and mask from others.