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My name is Melissa R Cody. I am a newbie at Linux; and I’m looking for a Project Manager for a Humanitarian Software concept that can be made as a Linux flavor.

I am not sure who to send this information to; so that is why you three were chosen, as I assume you are moderators or admins. If this information does not apply to you, please send it to the appropriate persons.

To get a scope of this software, I have included this is a short proposal for a grant that I missed out on recently:


HuHub Humanitarian Software will identify critical needs, problem-solve and produce sustainable solutions for employment, overpopulation, equality, efficiency systems & prediction-modeling software.

HuHub is the software of the future, compiled and revealed as an unifying humanitarian-scientific technological concept, complete with the elements for growth and scalability for the next 400 years. This timely idea is fully-formulated to be a viable reality now and unlock the potential for an entirely new computer age, which will exponentially expand scientific R&D and sales & manufacturing of Ecotechnology.

HuHub is an evolving decision-making network using the internet and current hardware to behave as a social-technological conversion method that will be especially useful during Industry Conversion towards sustainability.

When fully-developed, HuHub Systems will offer optimized solutions maximized for super-efficiency and provide real-time system-wide updates.

Future eCommerce products:

  • Business ads & software integration packages
  • City & govt. planning packages & website services
  • Resource Management Software upgrades & updates
  • Scientific Software Modeling products & services
  • Cybersecurity & tools
  • Renewable energy products & services integration

This proposal is to build HuHub Systems’ Core Engine requiring Programming & Hardware for:

  • Query-based A.I. software systems
  • Custom inter-dependable branch software management configurations
  • Self-healing servers
  • World’s most effective cybersecurity

HuHub brings world-changing improvements in fields for:
Economic & Business Development, Community & Eco-Housing Development, Resource Management Systems, Efficiency Systems Engineering, IT, Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, Science R&D, Systems Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, Ecosystems & Planet Geoengineering and Alternative Energy Systems Engineering[/INDENT]

This VIDEO PRESENTATION details “PART 1: INTRODUCTION to HuHub Humanitarian Software” (approx. 33 minutes):


Section 1: About HuHub
–Who, What, Where, When, How, Why

Section 2: Appearance & Features
–Platforms, Nethoods/Branch Software, “ASK HuHub”

Section 3: Job Nethood
–Job Centers, HuHub Stations, Employment programs, Job Hut

Section 4: Business Nethood
–Products & Services, Resource Mgmt, Website integration

Section 5: HuHub Approval Programs
–HuHub-Approved, Sponsorship, Merit Rating, PAID USER PARTICIPATION

Section 6: Emergency Mgmt Global Response
–Priority Saving Lives, Citizens Emergency Communications

Section 7: HuHub User Constitution
–Universal Law, Security & Cybersecurity, e-Voting, Wealth Redistribution, Proposal: BILL TO CONGRESS

Section 8: Social-technological Conversion Method
–Industry Transition & Industry Conversion, Polymath systems engineering, Efficiency Models[/I][/INDENT]

If enough interest is generated, I can also supply a “PART 2: PROGRAMMING HuHub”

This concept was designed by my husband, Brian D. Prater and I, Melissa R. Cody. We have volunteered our time and our lives to humanitarian causes. We are now asking for help to develop this most-necessary software for our survival and our planet’s survival.

Thank you for your time.

Melissa Cody