Problems with Naming Linking Containers not using "Name As Field"

I have upgraded to the latest version of Rancher,all is working but I an having a problem with Name as field when linking the container to other containers.
For Example, I have a container running mongodb, named 'mongo". When I create another container, I want to link the mongodb container to it. When I select it in links section, and link the ‘mongo’ container Named as ‘mongo’, everything works.
But if I create a container and link ‘mongo’ as ‘DB’, the container is created still linking mongo as mongo. The DB label is not picked up or applied to the container.
All Docker engines are on ubutunu 14.04, and running 1.8.2.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong. This was working on previous versions of rancher, but seems broken now.



just to help illustrate :
This is how I’m linking the container:

Once its running, here is what Rancher is telling me its linked to

it has changed the link name to the same name as the container…

hope that helps

I haven’t been able to reproduce on a fresh install of v0.41.0.

What was your previous installation before upgrading?