Query - SUSE Manager

Hi forks,
I have a query related to SUSE Manager.
I have Installed SLES15SP2 and setup RMT and sync the products (SLES15SP2, SUMA3.2 SUMA4.1 , SLES12SP4 SUMA Proxy4.1). everything is good so far.
Now I have setup another machine SLES12SP4 and registered under RMT and used evaluation subscription for SUMA3.2 .
Then exported all the product into external media from RMT and imported into SUMA3.2. But I don’t see all the product except SLES15SP2 in SUSE Manager(3.2). I was expecting all the product synced into RMT will be available into SUMA(3.2).


I will be happy to provide any information if require