Rancher 2.4.4 - Hanging saving Registry Credentials for All Namespaces

I’ve repeated this on some clusters and for some it won’t hang, but I encounter a problem when savings a Registry Credentials secret specifying All Namespaces for the System project on some of my clusters-

After entering the information and pressing Save, the “Saving…” blue button keeps spinning and never completes. I am able to Cancel or reload the page but the secret never gets saved.

Chrome’s JavaScript console reveals:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of null
at n.willSave (component.js:79)
at n.save (new-or-edit.js:54)
at e.n._join (backburner.js:1048)
at e.n.join (backburner.js:759)
at p (index.js:176)
at glimmer.js:7609
at s (index.js:143)
at n.save (glimmer.js:7608)
at n.save (component.js:55)
at n.send (action_support.js:19)

Note that on the same clusters having this problem, I am able to create such registry credentials for a Single Namespace just fine.

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Can confirm that I’m seeing the same issue, also on 2.4.4 when adding a registry credential to a project (with only a single namespace in it currently).

Thanks for the tip specifying a single namespace working, that solved my immediate problem.

You are likely running into this bug, which is scheduled for a fix in 2.4.5