Rancher Catalog not showing up in Kubernetes environment


I’ve recently updated from Rancher 1.3.3 to Rancher 1.5.9 and now I can’t see the Catalog submenu in Rancher’s UI.
I am registering two hosts and every service works (even Kubernetes Dashboard). I’m also unable to create any stack/services or access anything else but infrastructure stacks.

I saw this is a problem when using Docker Swarm too.

Any ideas why?

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Catalog support for Kubernetes was dropped in favor of Helm.

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Yep. Apparently Rancher’s k8s UI + Rancher Catalog are deprecated since Rancher v1.4.0.
Although I don’t really get why, since Helm is a CLI tool, while Rancher Catalog can be used by non-technical users too (like Business Analysts).

ug we just cant win, we are currently using cattle because catalogs make it really nice for deploying new customer stacks, the problem though is cattle doesnt have autoscaling for services, so we are now looking at using kubernetes so we can have metric based autoscaling, now I just learn they removed catalogs…

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I’m new to Rancher and I have run into this issue as well. However, I found an ugly workaround for this…

Create/use a cattle environment to add whatever stack you want from the catalog. Then after the stack is created, click the “View Config” button. It should show the docker-compose.yml and the rancher-compose.yml file. Open your kubernetes env and click the button to add a stack. Then copy/paste the contents of the yml files in there. After this is done, just delete the Cattle env stack that was created from the catalog.

That’s what I’ve been doing and it seems to be working for me so far. Still a pity that it can’t be done directly though. I am not expert at command line tools…