Rancher, CD, error “Failed to register agent: looking up secret fleet-system / fleet-agent-bootstrap: Unauthorized"

Please tell me, deployed Kubernetes v1.20.6 + Rancher 2.5.8. In the Continuous Delivery snap-in, the current cluster, under “fleet-agent”, reports the error: “Failed to register the agent: search for the secret system fleet-system / fleet-agent-bootstrap: Unauthorized.”

I think the problem is in the token, I checked the “fleet-agent-bootstrap” secret in the ns “fleet-system”, all the data in the fields looks like the truth. But I don’t know how to check the token yet.

Consult the question: 1. How to check the token used in the secret “fleet-agent-bootstrap”, how is it generated? 2. In addition to the token, what else could be the problem with the error, can anyone come across it?