Rancher host proxy always has "starting" status

The rancher host proxy always show a status of “starting” in the containers tab of the ui.

screenshot: https://db.tt/OKfx0mMB

As a side note, how can I get the ability to upload a screenshot? It denied me.

Not sure why it’s not starting, but you shouldn’t need the host-proxy container as of the last release a couple weeks ago. There is a newer websocket-proxy which runs inside rancher/server and multiplexes over an extra connection opened from each host to it to handle any requests for host-specific things (stats, logs, shell).

It’s automatically configured this way with no complicated setup as was needed for rancher/host-proxy. This also means that 9345/tcp and 9346/tcp no longer need to be exposed from hosts to the internet, just 500/udp and 4500/udp for IPSec between the hosts.

What the forum considers “new users” can’t upload attachments… You should be able to upload images now.

If I restart the rancher agent on the slave without the host-proxy running and the CATTLE_HOST_API_PROXY env var not set I no longer get stats in rancher server. I’m using rancher/agent:v0.7.9. How can I verify what you’re expecting?

Can you let us know what version of Rancher server you are using by clicking on the cow in the upper left corner?

Rancher v0.25.0
Cattle v0.58.0
User Interface v0.29.0
Rancher Compose latest

@dsapala it seems like maybe the websocket-proxy is not running in your setup.
When you restart the rancher agent, do you see anything in the logs that looks similar to this:

time="2015-07-16T18:53:00Z" level="info" msg="Host not registered yet. Sleeping 1 second and trying again." Attempt=1 reportedUuid="<some uuid>"
time="2015-07-16T18:53:01Z" level="info" msg="Connecting to proxy." url="ws://<some long string>
time="2015-07-16T19:17:21Z" level="fatal" msg="Failed to connect to proxy."