Rancher LB port range

Is there anyway to set a port range in Rancher LB for public TCP service rule?

The goal is to setup LB to handle connections for passive FTP backends, the data connections require a range of ports to be opened in the LB. We are wanting to set the pasv_range to at least 1000 ports, which right now means putting all the service rules in manually? not to mention the LB rules list will be massive. Is there anyway to achieve this?

We are currently using Rancher v1.6.10.

Port ranges are not supported by cattle managed networking or kubernetes, and are very inefficient in Docker/swarm.

You can do --net=host and then the server container can listen on whatever it wants… But not with a load balancer container.

Thanks for reply Vincent, have got it working by setting --net=host for data connections and using ELB for round robin on command port :wink: