Rancher Nginx ingress and custom DHParams

I’m trying to set custom dhparams on one of my ingresses, essentially to follow necessary steps from this howto. I essentially need to set:

    server {
        ssl_dhparam /etc/ssl/nginx/examplecom_dhparams.pem; // Need this from a K8s secret, configmap, whatever makes sense

This seems possible. This documentation shows an example of how it might be done, though I don’t see that it gets scoped to a single ingress, and the second yaml definition a) appears to be named the same thing as the first and b) is described as a configmap when I assume it should be a secret. So it isn’t clear to me from that example how I’m supposed to do this.

Additionally, this appears to be the template Nginx configuration, and it appears to have support for adding in custom dhparams scoped to a specific ingress, but I’m not clear how to go from the interpolated variables in the file to Kubernetes primitives.

Thanks, I appreciate any help.