Rancher Release - v2.2.0-alpha3

Release v2.2.0-alpha3


Starting with Rancher 2.2.0 and future versions, we are planning to ship a series of alpha builds before the final GA release to allow our users a chance to experiment with new features, and to assist with identifying potential issues.

Alpha releases are bleeding edge and should be treated as such. They should not be ran in production. Upgrading to or from an alpha release is not tested or supported, though it may work in most cases.

When notable features or fixes land in a particular alpha, we will call them out in the release notes. We will also call out any major known issues, but the list will not be exhaustive.

We truly value the feedback/comments/suggestions over the past several years of building Rancher, and we feel this is another step to allow you to provide more input prior to a GA release. Thank you all for your support!

Major Features and Enhancements

  • Support for Cluster and Project Monitoring [#14230] - Monitoring of clusters, projects, and k8s components is now supported through integration with Prometheus. By leveraging Prometheus, Rancher is able to provide a time series view into your data, and more sophisticated collection of stats and metric types beyond the basic Rancher monitoring. Multi-tenancy support in terms of cluster and project-only Prometheus instances is supported.
  • Support for pluggable cluster drivers [#12698] - Administrators can install and enable third-party Kubernetes cluster providers
  • Support for new Kubernetes providers [#16359] [#16358] [#16357] - Users can now spin up Kubernetes clusters in the Aliyun, Huawei, and Tencent clouds

Major known issues

  • Worker nodes created on Azure fail to provision. [#16887]
  • Grafana links do not show up in EKS [#16968]
  • Node metrics don’t load properly in HA setups [#17026]
  • This alpha release may not work in air-gapped networks


NOTE - Image Name Changes: Please note that as of v2.0.0, our images will be rancher/rancher and rancher/rancher-agent. If you are using v1.6, please continue to use rancher/server and rancher/agent.


  • rancher/rancher:v2.2.0-alpha3
  • rancher/rancher-agent:v2.2.0-alpha3

NOTE - We’ve introduced a new helm repository to facilitate the deployment of alpha releases. For more details, see our installation documentation.