Rancher Security Advisory: [Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105]

Rancher has released the following releases, which updates to the latest Kubernetes versions available in that release. These updated Kubernetes versions address the Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105.


Rancher Version Kubernetes Versions
v2.1.3 v1.12.3, v1.11.5, v1.10.11
v2.0.9 v1.11.5, v1.10.11
v1.6.25 v1.11.5

Note: If your catalog is able to get updates from the Rancher catalog, the Kubernetes v1.11.5 template released with v1.6.25 is available for Rancher v1.6.19 - v1.6.25.


If you are using RKE to deploy Kubernetes clusters, we have released RKE v0.1.13, which has Kubernetes v1.12.3, v1.11.5 and v1.10.11 available as a kubernetes_version. The default version of Kubernetes, when no version is set, will be Kubernetes v1.11.5.

Helm Charts

If you are deploying Rancher with the Helm chart, we’ve added the following helm charts into our latest and stable helm repos. For more information about our helm repos, please read here.

Chart Version Rancher Version
2018.12.1 v2.1.3
2.0.9 v2.0.9
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