Rancher unable to heal nodes created using openstack cloud provider

Hi Everyone,
I was testing the auto heal function in rancher 2.6.7 and it seems like it’s not working. I am using rancher cluster templates and RKE2. The creation of the cluster works fine, scaling up of nodes and manually deleting nodes works fine just the auto heal has a problem. I have the unhealthyNodeTimeout set to 5 minutes.

To test i login to openstack and shutdown one worker node and wait for 5 minutes but nothing happens this is what i see in the rancher events:

DetectedUnhealthy Machine test-template-worker-6c8b6bc749-b9r69

Machine fleet-default/test-template-worker/test-template-worker-6c8b6bc749-b9r69/test-template-worker-4cc5e416-vsc4b has unhealthy node test-template-worker-4cc5e416-vsc4b

Not sure if it’s a bug or if i’m doing something wrong, any help would be appreciated.