Rancher v2.3.4 - UI - Kubernetes Version

Hey guys,

during the creation of a custom cluster i can choose three different Kubernetes versions e.g.

What is the meaning (rancher1-1 / rancher1-2) and difference between:

vX.Y.Z-rancher1-1 and vX.Y.Z-rancher1-2

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I would really appreciate it if some could give me an answer what the difference/meaning is between the numbers:

xxx1-1 and xxx1-2


It defines that there was a change in the cluster configuration on the Rancher side, not on the Kubernetes side. When a new Kubernetes version is released, we create a new version for it with all necessary configuration from the Rancher side. When a change in the Rancher side is needed, but there is either no new Kubernetes version available or we need to make a change in an existing one, we release a new version to include those changes but as the Kubernetes version doesn’t change, ours will.