Rancher v2.5.1 Monitoring / Grafana WebSocket Error

I’ve upgraded to the latest version and switched to the new monitoring which was introduced with the new release.

Additionally I’ve installed Loki and created a datasource in Grafana. The Grafana Explore works as expected but the functionality of Live Tailing in the Explore is not working. I receive the following error:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'slice' of null

In the developer console I see Grafana tries to open a WebSocket connection which fails with:

WebSocket connection to 'wss://<rancher-server-url>../api/datasources/proxy/2/loki/api/v1/tail?query=%7Bjob%3D%22syslog%22%7D' failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Have anyone an idea how I can fix this or what I can try to get the “Live Tailing Feature” working in Grafana?

Can you please supply steps and commands you used to get from the initial setup (also what version) to the new version (and any other things that have been done). This helps in reproducing and determining where things might happen.

Based solely on the error, it has issues with resolving the hostname. is <rancher-server-url> an FQDN that is resolvable from the host running the browser?

Hey, I have a similar problem. Also switched from the deprecated logging to the rancher-monitoring App and installed Loki over helm. When I try to use the live function it occurs the "WebSocket connection to ‘wss://my-domain.de…/api/datasources/proxy/2/loki/api/v1/tail?query=%7Bpod%3D%22loki-0%22%7D’

The domain is accessable over https