Rancher v2.7.4 create chart repository error

I am getting the following error if try to create a repository.
What is the cause of the problem and what I need to do to correct it?

@mrcaldo any resolution to your issue, i experience similar issues while trying to install a single node Rancher using similar image version. I also downgraded Rancher image, however, issue persists.

Sorry, I have the same behaviour and no solution. Downgrading the Rancher-ui version didn’t help either.

you should not add index.yaml, this is handled by rancher.

unfortunately, that is not the problem. Thanks anyway!

The following concrete example should work:

The correct URL for OpenSearch is

Using create repository in the rancher-ui returns

Nice detail is that the rke-2charts-repo works. Why this is so is unfortunately unclear!

I just tried it here, no problems at all (4 secs for download).

Possibly local(or github region) specific network problems?