RancherOS behind corporate proxy

I am trying to install RancherOS on disk behind a corporate proxy. I managed to boot with iPXE and to run ros install command successfully (by setting HTTP proxy env variables). However, RancherOS is hanging at the following screen when starting from disk:

I’ve tried various changes with no luck; in the cloud config file passed to ros install I am only setting the ssh keys, network configuration information and HTTP proxy env variables.

Please advice,

PS: the docker daemon segfault does not occur all the time, still the boot sequence is hanging all the time


Just wondering how did you set the proxy to get “ros install” working behind corporate firewall, I tried the following

sudo ros config set rancher.docker.environment '[http_proxy=<proxy>, https_proxy=<proxy>]'
sudo ros config set rancher.system_docker.environment '[http_proxy=<proxy>, https_proxy=<proxy>]'
# restart docker daemon for proxy to take effect
sudo system-docker restart docker

I can pull images on user level, so the below works

# works
sudo docker pull debian

but still can’t get to pull image at system level, so the below won’t work

# doesn't work
sudo system-docker pull debian

because ros install uses system-docker to pull the rancher/os image, so the system-docker pull have to work in order for ros install to work

Is there some specific place, where the http_proxy and https_proxy should be set for system-level docker?

I used the following settings in the cloud-config file:

- HTTPS_PROXY=http://proxy:port
- HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy:port
- NO_PROXY=localhost,

It needs these settings in the environment before starting system-docker (which, by the way, can’t be restarted).
But I did not succeed in finalizing the installation anyway…
It seems that even when booting from the ISO and running the ros install that way the system will still hang at first boot.

hmm interesting,
so did you persist the state of the environment and rebooted, in order for the proxy settings for the system-docker to take effect?


  • modify the cloud-config to have the proxy settings
  • persist state and reboot from iso
$ sudo mkfs.ext4 -L RANCHER_STATE /dev/sda
# Reboot afterwards in order for the changes to start being saved.
$ sudo reboot
  • the system-docker now will have the proxy settings taken into effect (since the system is rebooted and cloud-config file have the proxy settings specified). So system-docker pull would work, hence ros install would work.

btw. I did manage to get rancheros installed onto hard disk behind corporate firewall, but the method is more like a work around. Here’s the link: Proxy Settings for RancherOS