Re: Deleting old/unwanted stuff from SMT

Hi Kobus

I doubt that it actually removes the SLES11 repositories.
smt-mirror --clean is only supposed to clean out unnecessary repodata
(e.g. $RCE/SLES10-SP3-Updates/sles-10-x86_64/.old.repodata/) and the
rare patches that have been published, but revoked again.
It is intentionally not removing the repositories, since it could
affect clients, that are still subscribed to them (and the administrator
who happens to run smt-mirror --clean did not know about). This design
decision was made based on customer feedback (maintain stability)
weighted against the relatively low cost that disk space after all is
Normally a repository is less than 10G of space per architecture. On a
loaded SMT11 server with repos for more than one architecture it is
actually less, since many of the files, who exist in multiple
repositories, are hardlinked (e.g. src rpms).

So in other words : If you are absolutely sure that a repository is no
longer needed by any clients, the best option for now is to remove it
manually with

rm -r

Hearing what you are saying however, I have filed an enhancement
request to Novell R&D to get functionality to provide an option to
remove the whole repository content from the disk along with the
corresponding checksums in the SMT database, for repositories that have
been mirrored at some point, but are not enabled any more.
That request may or may not be implemented in some future
version/service pack for SMT.

Best regards


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Thanks Andreas, I sure hope they implement it. My SMT db is currently 66
Gig (and it is full). Most of the repo’s in there are old. It does not
make any sense to keep old unused things.

Best regards,


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