Really bad link/text color contrast, it fails accessibility standards

the link color (in this forum #37b7e1 and on docs.rancher #3498db) on white background is really low and very difficult to read!
it fails both WCAG AA and WCAG AAA accessibility standards

check yourself

,please do a simple check on the colors used both on this forum, the and the UI of Rancher. It is really a pity that such a good product has such a bad contrast UI which makes it really hard to read. Please, please fix the contrast, my eyes hearts!!!

It looks like it is fixed now.
the links on now have color #0075a8 on white, which gives a Contrast Ratio: 5.11:1 and pass the WCAG AA.

Although, on the Rancher UI there are still places where the text has very low contrast and difficult to read, for example the Stack names on the Infrastructure view are not easy to distinguish…

What version of Rancher are you running? It looks fine in v0.49.0.

hi denise,
we run v0.49.0.
i see the link color got better now in the rancher UI as well, thanks. the text color in some places still has some contrast issues, for example the color #8a919c used for host metadata.