Reconfigure service from rancher-compose

Would it be possible to change labels/tags etc from a compose file for services without restarting/upgrading them.

I’m looking at what needs to be done to reconfigure settings with as little disruption of service as possible. And since those are configurable in the UI “on the fly”, I thought it would be nice if we could have that accessible in an easy to use environment from the CLI as well…

My specific use case is this:

I have a single load balancer instance, routing all traffic to a lot of different services. Whenever a new service that should receive traffic is launched, we need a new link for it from the LB. Using rancher-compose, the only way I figured out is to do a upgrade of the LB with the new config, but it would be much cleaner if we could simply add the service link directly to the running instance, as the api supports it.

Something like, tell rancher-compose to configure my (LB) service so it matches my compose file, if possible (and maybe complain, give diagnostic if it can’t).

This feature is what you are describing and should be coming out in the next month.

Thank you @denise. That was precisely it :smile: