rpm-build not found

Hi There,
I’m porting a dockerised build environment to sle15.
Unlike other distros (centos, opensuse) there is no package rpm-build available. My dockerfile fails with

zypper -n install make rpm-build
Refreshing service 'container-suseconnect-zypp'.
Problem retrieving the repository index file for service 'container-suseconnect-zypp':
Warning: Skipping service 'container-suseconnect-zypp' because of the above error.
Loading repository data...
Warning: No repositories defined. Operating only with the installed resolvables. Nothing can be installed.
Reading installed packages...
'make' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
Package 'rpm-build' not found.
No provider of 'make' found.
The command '/bin/sh -c zypper -n install make rpm-build' returned a non-zero code: 104

What can I do?

@Mar Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
You need to have the development tools module active…

Unfortunately, SUSEConnect is not part of the sle15:latest Docker image from

Step 2/4 : RUN SUSEConnect -p sle-module-development-tools/15/x86_64
 ---> Running in 651d1d086474
/bin/sh: SUSEConnect: command not found

@Mar Hi, asked my SUSE Contacts about this module not being present. Hopefully will get something sorted :wink: