Reverse container link to its service

I like the batch of new and inprogress UI features, nicely done @vincent :smile:
Takes a little getting used to the new look, and it feels a bit hard/blocky/sharp corners, nothing major…

What I would like though, is to have a link going back from a container detail view, to its service it is part of.

There is links from Stack -> Service -> Container (And host), but once in the container view, I miss a link going back to the service. Which would also come in handy, of course, if you reach the container view from the infrastructure/containers list, to get to the service view for that container.

I like the list view for services in a stack, but I miss the old badge like desktop it replaced. I got a clearer overview for each service on that one… now I have to scan long lines in a table… perhaps we could keep it as an option along with the buttons for the link graph and config views ? :pray:

I liked the previous UI more than the new one. Tables are a pain to read when you have many services. The UI also looks too bright to me now, especially when working late in a dark room. The colors were less agressive in previous UI version also.

Maybe it’s just because i’m not used to the new UI. :smile:

The lack of service name from the container detailed page view was the same in the prior release (as I had internally complained about it and was told that it hasn’t changed). @kaos want to open a request to add in service link on the container details page.