RMT Server showing not registered and doesn't report systems

Hey all!

We got an RMT Server set up, following the SLES15 RMT setup guide here: https://documentation.suse.com/sles/15-SP1/single-html/SLES-rmt/#book-rmt

What’s weird to me is that in SCC the server shows up under proxies as followed:

I don’t know why it says “not registered” as well as doesn’t report any systems. There are multiple systems registered to that RMT Server that receive updates from it, so why could that be?

The RMT Server itself is registered with SUSEConnect:

The message on SCC says that maybe system reporting isn’t enabled, but I couldn’t find anywhere how to enable it.

Would be glad about any help. Sorry if this is something dumb, I don’t usually work with SUSE and it’s tools.