Route53 Service Behavior / AWS Rate Limit Exceeded

We’ve got the Route53 service running in a few environments, and we’ve started to notice some odd behavior.

After a while they’ll start reporting that they are unable to connect to the provider. I’ve also correlated this to the AWS web console reporting “Rate Limit Exceeded” errors when I try and manually review DNS records.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be occurring here?


Quick update this is what the Route 53 service shows:

8/25/2016 2:35:30 PMtime="2016-08-25T18:35:30Z" level=error msg="Failed to update provider with new DNS records: Provider error reading dns entries: Route 53 API call has failed: Throttling: Rate exceeded\n\tstatus code: 400, request id: b3ffe35f-6af2-11e6-be18-558fd844c606"

Sounds like you are hitting this issue which is fixed in v1.2.0-pre3.