Show hosts as list

Is there a option to show hosts as list

There is not an option for that.

Thanks for that, do you think we should open a UI ticket? Or do you see no value? I’m just wondering what happens with 100 Hosts or so?

There are some other UI enhancements to hosts that would most likely be used if you had 100 hosts.

@denise thanks for collecting them here. having this would help already.

On a related note, is there a plan to have a performance/stats view for all hosts? Today we can check independent stats for each host, but unless we look at them individually its not easy to see where one host is struggling, etc… (I assume most would be using other monitoring tools, but this may be useful to have in rancher, since we already have individual stats, having a overview page could make sense?)

We’re hoping to add in a Dashboard into GA.