SLE 15 SP 1 on WMVARE HW 13 died after Mobaxterm connect

I want to report a problem. I am testing SLE 15 SP 1 for SAP. My platform is VMWARE Hardware Version 13. Installation is successful, no problem. I am connected by the putty client also without problems. But when you connect Mobaxterm 9.4 Pro, a virtual machine with SLE 15 sp 1 dies. The network is not available, the GUI interface is not accessible through VMWARE. Only a complete shutdown - power on allows you to connect. There are no logs about problems. In this case, the firewall is enabled and only 22 ports are open.

I am testing this issue on SUSE 12 sp 4 and has same problem. When execute for example xclock system stad unacessible. If I try do it with RHEL 7.6 and SUSE 12 sp 3 all OK, without any problems

It only when i tape in mobaxterm export DISPLAY= same like in mobaxterm display set default
I download last mobaxterm 12.2 and same issue