SLED 12SP1 cannot print application/PDF based files

Hello all,

I have a brand new installation of SLED 12SP1 x86_64 on a HP/Compaq nx6125 laptop with a USB-attached HP Officejet 4215 All-in-One. I have configured the printer as a function of the initial installation of the Operating System. Hplip/hplipijs is installed and being used to manage the printer. I can print test pages to it, but when trying to print application/PDF based files, e.g. PDF files and documents from LibreOffice, I receive no output from the printer. After looking at the error_log file, I find the following:

E [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Job stopped due to filter errors; please consult the error_log file for details.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] The following messages were recorded from 11:24:26 to 11:24:27
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Adding start banner page "none".
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Queued on "hpofficejet4200series" by "elliott".
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Auto-typing file...
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Request file type is application/pdf.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] File of type application/pdf queued by "elliott".
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Adding end banner page "none".
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] time-at-processing=1458059066
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] 2 filters for job:
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] pdftopdf (application/pdf to application/vnd.cups-pdf, cost 66)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] foomatic-rip (application/vnd.cups-pdf to printer/hpofficejet4200series, cost 0)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] job-sheets=none,none
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[0]="hpofficejet4200series"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[1]="20"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[2]="elliott"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[3]="Untitled1"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[4]="1"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[5]="PageSize=Letter job-uuid=urn:uuid:5effd863-6249-3274-543f-460ae9343d16 job-originating-host-name=localhost time-at-creation=1458059066 time-at-processing=1458059066"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] argv[6]="/var/spool/cups/d00020-001"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[0]="CUPS_CACHEDIR=/var/cache/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[1]="CUPS_DATADIR=/usr/share/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[2]="CUPS_DOCROOT=/usr/share/cups/webcontent"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[3]="CUPS_FONTPATH=/usr/share/cups/fonts"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[4]="CUPS_REQUESTROOT=/var/spool/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[5]="CUPS_SERVERBIN=/usr/lib/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[6]="CUPS_SERVERROOT=/etc/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[7]="CUPS_STATEDIR=/run/cups"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[8]="HOME=/var/spool/cups/tmp"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[9]="PATH=/usr/lib/cups/filter:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[10]=""
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[11]="SOFTWARE=CUPS/1.7.5"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[12]="TMPDIR=/var/spool/cups/tmp"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[13]="USER=root"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[14]="CUPS_MAX_MESSAGE=2047"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[15]="CUPS_SERVER=/run/cups/cups.sock"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[16]="CUPS_ENCRYPTION=IfRequested"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[17]="IPP_PORT=631"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[18]="CHARSET=utf-8"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[19]="LANG=en_US.UTF-8"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[20]="PPD=/etc/cups/ppd/hpofficejet4200series.ppd"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[21]="RIP_MAX_CACHE=128m"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[22]="CONTENT_TYPE=application/pdf"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[23]="DEVICE_URI=hp:/usb/officejet_4200_series?serial=CN46HCH0W7"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[24]="PRINTER_INFO=HP Officejet 4200 Series hpijs, 3.14.6"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[25]="PRINTER_LOCATION="
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[26]="PRINTER=hpofficejet4200series"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[27]="PRINTER_STATE_REASONS=none"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[28]="CUPS_FILETYPE=document"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[29]="FINAL_CONTENT_TYPE=application/vnd.cups-pdf"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] envp[30]="AUTH_I****"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftopdf (PID 2849)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Started filter /usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip (PID 2850)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Started backend /usr/lib/cups/backend/hp (PID 2851)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Calling FindDeviceById(cups-hpofficejet4200series)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Found device /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/cups_hpofficejet4200series
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Calling org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Device.Get(ProfilingInhibitors)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] 'CM Color Calibration' Mode in SPOOLER-LESS: Off
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Getting input from file 
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] foomatic-rip version 1.0.58 running...
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Parsing PPD file ...
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option ColorSpace
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option Resolution
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option PageSize
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option Model
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option PrintoutMode
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option Quality
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option ImageableArea
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option PaperDimension
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Added option Font
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Parameter Summary
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] -----------------
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Spooler: cups
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Printer: hpofficejet4200series
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Shell: /bin/bash
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] PPD file: /etc/cups/ppd/hpofficejet4200series.ppd
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] ATTR file: 
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Printer model: HP Officejet 4200 Series hpijs, 3.14.6
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Job title: Untitled1
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] File(s) to be printed:
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] <STDIN>
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Ghostscript extra search path ('GS_LIB'): /usr/share/cups/fonts
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Printing system options:
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Pondering option 'job-uuid=urn:uuid:5effd863-6249-3274-543f-460ae9343d16'
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Unknown option job-uuid=urn:uuid:5effd863-6249-3274-543f-460ae9343d16.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Pondering option 'job-originating-host-name=localhost'
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Unknown option job-originating-host-name=localhost.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Pondering option 'time-at-creation=1458059066'
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Unknown option time-at-creation=1458059066.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Pondering option 'time-at-processing=1458059066'
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Unknown option time-at-processing=1458059066.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] CM Color Calibration Mode in CUPS: Off
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Options from the PPD file:
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Pondering option 'PageSize=Letter'
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] ================================================
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] File: <STDIN>
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] ================================================
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Filetype: PDF
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Storing temporary files in /var/spool/cups/tmp
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] PID 2849 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftopdf) exited with no errors.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] File contains 1 pages
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Starting renderer with command: gs -dFirstPage=1  -q -dBATCH -dPARANOIDSAFER -dQUIET -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ijs -sIjsServer=hpijs -dDEVICEWIDTHPOINTS=612 -dDEVICEHEIGHTPOINTS=792 -sDeviceManufacturer="HEWLETT-PACKARD" -sDeviceModel="deskjet 3600" -r300 -sIjsParams=Quality:Quality=0,Quality:ColorMode=2,Quality:MediaType=0,Quality:PenSet=1 -dIjsUseOutputFD -sOutputFile=-   /var/spool/cups/tmp/foomatic-JVR1uG 
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Starting process "kid3" (generation 1)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Starting process "kid4" (generation 2)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Starting process "renderer" (generation 2)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] JCL: e%-12345X@PJL
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] <job data> 
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] GPL Ghostscript 9.15: Can't start ijs server "hpijs"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] renderer received signal 11
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Kid3 exit status: 1
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] STATE: +connecting-to-device
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] PID 2850 (/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip) stopped with status 9.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] STATE: -connecting-to-device
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] STATE: -media-empty-error,media-jam-error,hplip.plugin-error,cover-open-error,toner-empty-error,other
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] ready to print
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] PID 2851 (/usr/lib/cups/backend/hp) exited with no errors.
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] End of messages
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] printer-state=3(idle)
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] printer-state-message="ready to print"
D [15/Mar/2016:11:24:27 -0500] [Job 20] printer-state-reasons=none

The lines from the log that stand out to me are talking about pondering unknown options within the printing system and the Ghostscript message, GPL Ghostscript 9.15: Can’t start ijs server “hpijs”. Clearing the queue using the command,

# cancel -a

doesn’t seem to make a difference. The issue that stands out to me is the Ghostscript message I mentioned above. Any suggestions or directions would be appreciated.


Okay, so I lied… test print pages also do not work. The output is identical to what’s displayed above. The test print job was run from gedit, just typing in random text, and trying to print it. Same results. Really stuck now…

As root user if you run hp-doctor (ignore the deprecated warning), but
it may provide additional info.

I normally use hp-setup to configure printers, since sometime it needs
plugins for various features.

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Thank you, Malcolm. hp-doctor wants to be run as a non-root user. I’m running it now, nonetheless.

I discovered that if I purge the /var/spool/cups and ./tmp directories, I’m able to print from remote computers (Windows 7 test pages). Trying to print something more complex, like a PDF file, gives me the error mentioned in the first entry. Any attempt to print locally from SLED 12SP1 fails with the same message. No further printing is possible once this happens until I purge the queue again manually.

hp-doctor complains that avahi-utils and xsane are not installed. I don’t find those in any of the repositories, neither does zypper. I don’t see that as a problem since both are optional anyway. The doctor did not complain of any other problems; everything looks like it’s properly configured.


Then I suggest fire up YaST and delete the printer, also login to the cups interface and check the printer is gone at http://localhost:631 (root user and passsword). The open a terminal and login as root user and run the command hp-setup to configure the printer.

Thank you, Malcolm, for the suggestion. I removed the printer, and re-installed it via hp-setup. I received the same results. I noticed that there are two PPD files for this printer: one for hplipijs and one for hpcups. I went through the same process again and selected the hpcups driver instead on a follow-up attempt, and that seemed to have fixed my problem. I have further testing to do with PDF-based files submitted from remote Windows desktops to see whether I’ve been able to restore printing from them. I’ll let you know.


*** Follow Up ***:

Remote printing from Windows via LibreOffice was successful.

*** Further Follow-Up ***:

PDF Printing from the remote Windows system does not work. I see the error message:

Set job-printer-state-message to “loadFilename failed: /var/spool/cups/d00037-001: not a PDF file”, current level=ERROR

in the error_log

Hey everybody,
I know this thread is stale, but I have an update to the situation. First, a quick recap of the environment:

SLED-12 x64 (SP1, SP2) is hosting an HP Officejet 4215; initially, I had it configured using hpijs drivers only to discover that I needed hpcups to be able to really print to it, both locally and remotely. Locally, I could print anything, including PDF files. Remotely - my remote computer is Windows 7 SP1 x64 - I could print anything except PDF files (See previous error messages). Installed on the Windows 7 PC: Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I went so far as to uninstall SLED12 and try Leap 42.x, all the way up to 42.3 - same results as posted earlier. I finally opted to uninstall Adobe and reinstall - no change (I didn’t expect any change, since I could print to Windows and OES printers without issue). Now, I opted to try a different PDF reader all together, leaving Adobe uninstalled. The reader is SumatraPDF. Lo and behold! I can print PDF files from the Windows 7 PC to the CUPS printer! I see a message in the error_log: [Client 18] Returning IPP client-error-bad-request for 0x401c (no URI) from <IP address - the address of the Windows 7 PC>. Outside of that, the problem is gone! Too weird…

I’m assuming this implies that Adobe doesn’t know how to properly format a PDF for printing then??? Thoughts?