SLES 10 PAM Login Informations


I want to see the last successful and the last failed login information
after logging into a SLES 10. After installing the Server there was
already the information about the successful login. I have red at
several sites that I have to edit the /etc/pam.d/login file. The line
responsible for that information looks like this:

session required nowtmp

I red that i have to edit it and now it looks like this:

session required nowtmp showfailed

. Unfortunately its not showing the information about failed logins
after logging in. In fact after deleting that line it continued showing
me the successful login informations which means that it doesn’t work at

So my question is if theres a way to get this working? Where do I have
to change things to get the informations about failed / successful
logins shown after loggin into the server?

And my other question is about the number of failed login attempts. Is
there a way to show them up as well after the login?


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have you tried changing the “required” to “requisite” ?

here’s an excerpt from my /etc/pam.d/common-password:


password requisite nullok cracklib minlen=8 remember=5
password required nullok use_authtok
#password required /var/yp


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