SLES 12 sp5 to SLES 15sp5 - eDirectory LDAP

I am planning our upgrades from SLES 12 sp5 to SLES 15 sp5.
I have VM servers as well as physical. I run Micro Focus eDirectory as LDAP servers on these servers.
I have tested an offline in place upgrade in our test environment. It went fine. However no eDirectory in this test environment.
Has anyone performed an in-place upgrade from SLES 12 to SLES 15 with eDirectory. Any issues.
I am trying to avoid a fresh install if I can.

Which version of eDirectory? If it doesn’t support SLES15 SP5 I would suggest first upgrading eDirectory to a version that does support SLES15 SP5 then upgrade SLES12 SP5 to SLES15 SP5.