SOLVED: Persistance: Mounting volumes with AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)

Hey forum,

I installed Wordpress via the catalog (Helm) and everything was great until I redeployed the image that came with the catalog (bitnami/wordpress:4.9.8-debian-9). My database is connected to AWS RDS, but everything else was wiped when the image came back up. My wp-config, media folder, plugins, etc.

I need to mount a volume so my WordPress pod/container doesn’t wipe content I need to persist.

Guide setting up Cloud Providers:

I have been following this guide to setup persistent volumes for my WordPress pod/container. I am using AWS and my node template has the permissions to spin up new clusters.

  1. I have edited my preexisting cluster (Production) and enabled Amazon under Cloud Provider.
  2. This is the IAM I use for my node template:
  3. I believe I have configuring the clusterID correctly. I followed the instructions from the article above.
    **Key** = `
    **Value** = `owned

No matter what I do I receive this error:
[workerPlane] Failed to bring up Worker Plane: Failed to verify healthcheck: Failed to check https://localhost:10250/healthz for service [kubelet] on host []: Get https://localhost:10250/healthz: dial tcp connect: connection refused, log: F0327 00:37:29.816642 9424 server.go:262] failed to run Kubelet: could not init cloud provider "aws": error finding instance i-0735413c75d62c753: "error listing AWS instances: \"NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.\\n\\tFor verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors\""

The errors go away when I disable cloud providers, but I’m so lost at this point and could really use help. If anyone has any suggestions it would be a lot. Thanks!

I resolved the issue. I didn’t attach the IAM to my EC2 instance.

This was the missing step