Squid-rebuild - missing package libreadline6

Hello everyone,

rebuilding squid (recent version squid-4.9-5.11.1.src.rpm) within SLES15SP1 leads to the error

[ 22s] expanding package dependencies…
[ 25s] expansion error
[ 25s] nothing provides libreadline6

SLES15(SP1) delivers libreadline7.
Package Hub delivers libreadline5.

Found nothing for libreadline6 (besides SLES12).

This is not consistent - or did I miss out anything?



Login to SUSE Sustomer Center (SCC):
“packages” under “my tools”
Search for “libreadline6”

1 Paket with name containing "libreadline6" in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1 x86_64 Name Version License Modul libreadline6 6.3-bp151.3.1 GPL-3.0+ SUSE Package Hub 15 SP1