SR#101143085331 was opened on Jan 24th 18, and we informed Support that our production is down and 400 users are suffering.

A backline Engineer was assigned to our case within 2 hours and he came online via Bomgar and checked out the system too, and before leaving the bomgar session he informed us that he will provide his feedback(via email) that same day.

Despite our follow-up we didnt receive any feedback from Support till 25th. Then on 26th we received an email with a suggestion which was obviously not the root cause or expected feedback, and we immediately asked Support to provide us the requested feedback but alas no response yet.

I also came to know that the backline Engineer assigned is a very experienced and senior resource but remain too much occupied and its quite usual for him to remain silent for days.

Very Disappointing.

just got a response from SUSE Support(… its Saturday)

SUSE Support has sent us an email yesterday(26th Jan) but for really odd reason we didnt receive the email before an hour ago today.

Thank you for your feedback.
In future, to avoid such frustration please ask to speak to Management.

When a Backline Engineer is not responding, this does not mean they are
ignoring the SR.
Backline team deals with several escalations, and get extremely busy at



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