Strange behaviour with the API

I experience a strange behaviour when I call the API from the browser and from my nodejs program.

When I call /v1/environments/1e11/services from the browser I have something like this :

I have my JSON document with the data property. Now, if I call the same url from my nodejs program (or via Postman), I cannot retrieve this “data” property :

Why this “data” property only shows on the “web” version of the API ??

Thank you.

Hm. Maybe permissions. When you hit the API from your program or postman, are you passing credentials? What about when you hit it through the browser?

data is an unstructured “catch-all” property/database column that all resources have, and not meant to be part of the public API. It is used to store extra pieces of info that are not important enough to get their own database column, and that info is generally exposed as some other field on the resource which is documented/typed/in the schema.

It is visible in the browser because you’re an admin and admin accounts are allowed to see the field (mostly for us, for debugging). From curl you are presumably authenticating with an environment API key, so you’re acting as that env, and not an admin.

@vincent : ok, thank you.