sudo cannot connect to X server


I found that my sudo command cannot connect to xserver, eg:

$sudo ./FUSBi-0.3.1_GNU-Linux
FUSBi-0.3.1_GNU-Linux: cannot connect to X server

thank you very much

This is expected behavior I think once upon a time I used to be able to reel off a technical explanation as to why, but I can’t right now :slight_smile: You can find lots of discussion about it via Google.


$ su - $ /path/to/FUSBi-0.3.1_GNU-Linux

THX for reply.

but the command su - doesn’t work:

$su -
su: Not setuid and you are not root, expect this to fail
root’s password:

I input the corret password, but it doesn’t work…

Is this machine one that you set up yourself or is it one that someone else maintains and has given you sudo rights on?

What’s the output of

$ ls -l $(which su) $ grep ^PERMISSION_SECURITY /etc/sysconfig/security
Post output in CODE tags for readability (look for # in the toolbar when composing post).