Thoughts about changing the favicon for this forum

The current favicon for this forum looks like it’s probably the default for Discourse. I’m a bit of a tab-hoarder and if the the used the favicon that’s used on,[1] or something similar, it would make locating the proper tab in my sea of tabs a bit easier.





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Aw, that was too easy. Can’t we get them with a small overlay so we can differentiate between your homepage, the docs, the forums, and then, the rancher ui itself… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only half-seriously ment, as if I have all those tabs up, there’s no easy way telling them apart… seems like the rancher forums favicon is slightly brighter than the other three, though… :wink: (half-serious in that I use other means to select my tabs than to click on them)

(these are all to different sites… of which 2 are rancher deployments)

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@kaos I have the same issue as I have multiple tabs open in multiple browsers. We’ve just updated the docs to grey icon to help differentiate. :slight_smile:

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