Trailversion / Registration Key

I would like to run SLES 15 SP2 for some tests.
As far as I remember from ealier releases, I would get an 60 day registration key.
However, I can only find an download button.
Can someone give me a helping hand?

@“” Hi and welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Have you used the trial version for earlier releases? If so, AFAIK it’s a one time deal.
Else the download link should provide a code.

Thanks for the fast response-
No, I did not used a trailversion.
I just noted I have to mark “key” when downloading.
Will It be send by email?

@“” Hi, from memory it should show the key on the download page? If not, then you need to log into and it should be there. Else, if it does turn up via email, then log into the above and activate.

Hi malcolmlewis ,
Suse writes it should appear on the download page , but it doesn’t. Not after download, not by email.
Strange thing that

@“” Hi, let me ask my SUSE Contacts.

Thanks, that would be great!

Hello Chris,

Before you can download the products, according regulations you need to create an SCC account (or log-in)
I presume you newly registered (I can see you created a new account), but did you also click the checkbox
Did you click the checkbox to receive your trial license ?

In the SUSE Customer Center (SCC) I can not see any registered products nor keys for you.

Can you try to download and login again ?
Does that still offer a 60 day trial to you ?


Hi Hans,
yes ,I clicked the checkbox.
And just as requested, I tried again.
Got it! Now I see the button to request a key and got one!
Strange… I realy tried before. Perhaps this was an other browser issue…
You made my day!