Unable to patch servers after zypper/libzypp upgrade


We use ZCM to mirror the OES/SLES updates from the Novell update server (via YUM repo).
Everything was working great until we upgraded to the latest zypper/libzypp released last month http://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=kR2F867GlL4~
Now zypper won’t download the patches any more because it can’t find them (a / is missing from the path.

In the changelog from libzypp there is this “fix” “Fix wrong ‘//’ when extending URLs with an empty path. (bnc#885254)”
This looks like this fix actually broke it for us. Any idea if this is configurable somewhere?

I know the repo is still working because we can use the ZCM command “zac up” fine and that uses the same YUM repo’s, but is slower to work with.