Use vsphere datastore cluster on rancher

I’m trying to configure a vsphere datastore cluster on Rancher 2.5.
My cluster is located under “/Datacenter/Stage/ClusStage”.
Under ClusStage I have the datastores:

  • DATA01
  • DATA02
  • DATA03

I tried to configure the storage class datastore in different ways:

  • /Datacenter/Stage/ClusStage
  • /Datacenter/Stage
  • /Stage/ClusStage
  • Stage
  • ClusStage

Every time I tried to create a PVC to test it, I got an error saying that the datastore didn’t exist. “Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “vsphere-thin”: Datastore ‘/Datacenter/Stage/ClusStage’ not found”
I’m also using :

Is it possible to configure a cluster instead of using an specific datastore on rancher?