User list with keycloak auth shown incorrectly

I have the latest stable 2.5.10 running in production, and connected keycloak as authentication provider.
I can confirm that everything is connected correctly, and user can login.

However, in user list page (e.g. Security → Users), the user is shown in wrong format

Currently it’s shown:
UID Field (uid field)

it’s supposed to be:
User Name Field (uid field)

image example:
2022-01-28 20_53_38-Rancher - Chromium

I’ve tested LDAP, and it’s shown correctly. Only if keycloak is used then the issue exists.

This problem made it hard for people to know who actually is in their project (cause it’s only showing UID). This issue also made it hard to do user search, cause the dropdown results is showing UID instead.

Anyone has the same issue?