Using cattle python API client

Hi all!
I’m trying to use cattle python client to update the configuration of the load balancers.
I succeeded to do some enumeration stuff, however I’m stuck in trying to use the loadBalancerService-setserviceLinks or loadBalancerService-addserviceLinks. When trying to call cattle client with something as simple as that:
cattle loadBalancerService-setservicelinks --serviceLinks "[ { 'serviceId':'1s940' } ]" --id 1s1069
I’m gettting:
Error : {'status': 422, 'code': u'MissingRequired', 'links': {}, 'detail': None, 'actions': {}, 'fieldName': u'serviceId', 'message': None, 'type': u'error', 'id': u'46c66b7b-2a61-4832-bc75-f3c945324956'}

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried all combinations I was capable of with no success.

Please advice.