varnish-cache support

Is there any plans for SUSE to support varnish-cache with future release of SLES ?

I’m attempting to compile varnish-cache 6.1.1 from source, as there is no rpm available from
So far I’ve run into 2 packages that are not available - python-docutils & python-sphinx

In varnish 5.x on SUSE 12 I was able to use the python-docsutils from opensuse and eventually it was available from 12sp3. In SUSE 15 SP0 it again is not available.
A new one: python-sphinx was not needed in varnish-cache 5.x but is now. It is available I think from packagehub but with a different name: python-sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme. I was going to try it until I tried to install it; Problem: nothing provides python2-Sphinx needed by python2-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain-1.5.0-bp150.2.4.noarch So it too is not available, python-sphinx.

After doing some research it appears that most of the other major distributions, RH, Ubuntu, centos all seem to have it. I was wondering why SUSE doesn’t have them or are they working on it and just haven’t released it yet for SLES 15?

For the time being I’ll have to see if I can compile it on SLES 12SP4.


It is built in SLE 15 Backports? It’s only version 5.1.2 though…

Version 6.0.0 is in server:http (I can look at pushing an update to

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Thanks you the response - but funny thing is I found the packages I needed but they are renamed for python3. python3-docutils & python3-sphinx are both available in SLES 15 and both are recognized but the varnish source code. I found them using the package search in SUMA. Strange that the package search web site didn’t find them though. In any case I was able to compile varnish-cache 6.1.1 with these packages and it appears to be running as expected. Still early in the testing phase.

Thanks for your help.